Our Veggie Buggers Get A Gogglebox Grillin’

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April 26, 2017
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April 21, 2017
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Our Veggie Buggers Get A Gogglebox Grillin’

The faces on Togher twins Fergal and Neal Tully said it all…

From the moment they hand-walked onto the TV screen, the Happy Pear twins’ appearance on Tracks And Trails last week didn’t go down all that smoothly with the Gogglebox gang.
“These feckin eejits,” sighed Fergal upon seeing our beloved Dave and Steve.
Wads,” deadpanned Neal, in agreement.
Mind you, in the case of twins vs twins, such instant hostility may have more to do with childhood trauma on Fergal and Neal‘s part than any real dislike for Greystones’ Stephen and David Flynn.
“I wonder if they got slagged as kids,” pondered Fergal as he watched our boys get excited and delighted about their packed lunch. “Like we did…”
Nah,” deadpanned Neal. “They’re good-looking…”
The Happy Pear twins were taking part in the popular RTE trekking show, covering the 10-kilometre walk between The Meeting Of The Waters and the Avoca mines. They proudly displayed their mountain of snacks, woolly hats and, of course – as one Goggleboxer pointed out – their “strategically-placed” Happy Pear-emblazoned bag.
For best friends John and David, it’s the unbridled joy of the Flynn twins that bothered them the most. “No one’s this happy,” said John. “There’s something wrong…”
The very thought.
It didn’t take long to realise that, beyond Blessington sisters Sheila and Alice wishing the Flynnstones would come explore their mines, there wasn’t much love for our boys on the show. The happy pair’s daily routine of a 5.30am swim down at The Cove, followed by a quick bout of yoga, seemed to rankle the most, Fergal flatly stating, “They’ll live to be 120, but they’ll be as miserable as fuck.”
It seemed as though only the bridge-playing Martin and Roy enjoyed the twins’ hyper hike through the wilds of Wicklow. “Good show,” concluded Martin. “Brilliant show,” chimed Roy.
Their smiling affirmation didn’t get to resonate with the viewer very long before Ballina bride Shelly chirped in, “That was muck.
“That was just muck…”

Yeah, but organic, free-range muck, love. Which, you know, is actually very good for you.

You can see all the fun and games for yourself on the 3player right about here. The boys are the last 10 minutes of the show.

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