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Slievemore House Bed & Breakfast

Looking for somewhere to stay when you visit Wicklow’s most beautiful town?

Well, just down there to the right in the picture above, if you squint really, really hard, you see the lovely Slievemore House Bed & Breakfast.

Slievemore B&B GreystonesIt’s the one right in the heart of the harbour, with the yellow door.

For a double room, it’s €80, and for a single, it’s €45.

Cheap as Joe Sweeney’s chips, baby.

You can hit the yellow door here to visit their main website, or the Facebook logo for, you know, their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can email or phone 35312874724.


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  1. Lord Choc Ice says:

    and surviving in better “nick” than the “Laee Touchee Disgracee” !!!

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