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May 5, 2017
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April 16, 2017
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That Keeley Feeling

Sure, aren’t we always too busy chasing our own tails here at GG HQ to notice just how much beauty is all around us every day…

The man in action

And a huge amount of that beauty comes from one man in particular.

And again…

Every morning, without fail, Brian Keeley sends us in shots from his early morning expeditions around Greystones and beyond.
And pretty much every single time, the fecker knocks us sideways.
So, just to remind ourselves, and all you fine, firm-buttocked young Guide readers, just how wonderful the man is, here’s just 10 of his most recent images – each one worthy of a cover shot, of being framed above the mantlepiece, of taking up every month of your calendar.

And when you’re done, you can check out our full library of Brian Keeley shots right about here

Birds Of A Feather Tues 21FEB17 Brian Keeley

Harbour Rainbow Fri 10MAR17 Brian Keeley

Blue Moon Fri 7APR17 Brian Keeley

Sunset Sun 9APR17 Brian Keeley

Sunset Fri 31MAR17 Brian Keeley

Blackbird Friday 17MAR17 Brian Keeley

Sunrise Mon 17MAR17 Brian Keeley

Ballygannon Thurs 16MAR17 Brian Keeley

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  1. Sean hunter says:

    Fantastic reminder of how beautiful Ireland is

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