Crime Figures Nov 15th
November 20, 2020
Miracle On Church Road
November 18, 2020

It’s an interesting experiment, and one that drew quite a few strange looks on this fine Wednesday afternoon.

With the town’s enormously popular Ladies Night on hold this year due to that lockdown thingy, four enterprising young Greystones lasses decided to have a Ladies Day.

Just head out around the town at noon instead of midnight, and see what this little den of devilment might have to offer during daylight hours.

Of course, quite a few of those Ladies Night hotspots aren’t open right now, but that didn’t stop our girls painting the town red. Or off-white. Or Misty Buff. Man, they just have so many options down in Brady’s Hardware.

Moving on up through the town, the lack of nightspots was alleviated somewhat by the inviting doors of La Touche Wines, where the girls grabbed the two biggest bottles they could find.

Being professionals, they were soon outside, taking a closer look at the label. It’s not the size of the bottle, after all, but the alcohol content.

A mantra that is sometimes applied to those shopping for vegetables too, of course. Kale me sometime, big boy.

On down through the town, and a rainbow broke out as the girls said hi to Lady G before heading over the road to Fenella at The Village Bookshop. Where they excitedly picked up some of their must-read books for this Christmas, including, of course, The Beano Annual 2020, some rugger bugger bios and DIY guide, Gaff Goddess.

Naturally, given the oversized bottles of bubbly and fine wine recently consumed, tummies were rumbling by the time everyone got to Joker’s, as those munchies kicked in. But, hey, the sun is shining, and that means a quick hello to Alison at Brooke & Shoals before finally making it back home to Escape.

As their all-dayer came to a close, sadly, the pleasure of a daycap was denied our fearsome foursome, given that Mrs Robinson’s, The Burnaby, The Whale, The Hot Spot and The Beach House are all in suspended elation until December 6th.

Instead, the girls settled for coffee and a treat, with a handy little hip flask of Baileys to Irish it all up

And sure, hadn’t they only seen a smidgen of what this town has to offer. So, this silly season, take your own stroll around Greystones with your Christmas wish list.

Just remember to step out in your finest. We’ve got a sartorial reputation to uphold around here, after all…