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September 4, 2017
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April 14, 2017
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A Front Seat Train Ride Through 1990s Greystones…?

Having just recently updated our Railway Line archive, we were chuffed to get a special delivery from GG reader Damon McCaul…

Shot in 1990, this wonderful 50min video charts a train ride all the way from Wicklow to Dublin’s Connolly.

Along the way, naturally enough, the train takes a quick pit stop in Greystones, just long enough for some kids to wave from the pedestrian bridge, and for all us old Greystonians to play Spot The Difference as we chug on slowly through the town.

Ah, I remember when this was all just dumping grounds. And that beach over there was smothered in sewage

Happy travels!

You can jump to the good stuff around the 11min mark here. Oh, and we’ve thrown in a Bray to Greystones cab ride too, from 1992. For any of you who don’t want to end up stuck in Dublin without a way home…

Now, go check out our Railway Line archives here. And be quick about it. Oh, and we have a steam train ride from Pearse to Heaven Central right here too.