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A Greystones Kind Of Welcome

Beyond forgetting our passport, or having to sit beside the biggest body builder on the planet, perhaps the greatest fear about travelling abroad is losing your grand big lump of holiday money.

When Fiona McGough picked up her uncle Patrick at Dublin airport recently after his long overnight flight from New York, it didn’t take long before that particular little nightmare unfolded.

It was only when they got home and popped on that kettle that Patrick noticed that the white envelope full of all the money he’d saved for his trip to Ireland was gone.

He had it on the plane. He had it at the baggage claim. And now, his €600 savings was nowhere to be found.

A desperate search of the car had thrown up nothing, and Fiona was soon logging onto Dublin Airport authority’s lost and found register, to let them know of their misfortune.

Much to her surprise, Fiona quickly discovered on the site that someone had actually handed in a white envelope, found that very morning in the airport car park. Could this be Patrick’s €600…?

Indeed it could. It was Greystones man Harold Wann who happened upon the white envelope stuffed to the gills with lovely, tempting moolah and, being a Greystones man, he promptly handed it in. All €600 of it.

“We got the money back later that day,” explains Fiona, “and we’re just so grateful to Harold for his good deed.” 

Adds Patrick, “It’s just incredible to experience that level of kindness from a stranger…”

And remaining a stranger is pretty much what this really good Samaritan wants, declining to meet up with the Guide.

But, hey, we know you’re out there, Harold. And now, so does everyone else in the town…

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