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December 9, 2016
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December 8, 2016
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A Little Christmas Gift From GG 2U

Yep, Christmas is a time for giving, and we here at GG have something very special for our loyal, loving and damn sexy readers.

We have not one, not two, not four, but three wonderful Christmas mixes for you to enjoy over the festive season.

Back when GG had something known as free time, much of that glorious nothingness was filled with putting together mixes of all shapes, sizes and genres. Having collected records from the age of 11 – and it’s an intoxicating curse that still hasn’t been cured – there was always plenty to choose from.

So, below, you’ll find three Snow Tunes mixes from three different Yuletides. The first, naturally enough, is jampacked with many of the classics, from Lennon, Sinatra, Elvis and beyond, but in among the gospel hymns and the Christmas standards are spirituals of a different nature, from the likes of Nick Cave and Johnny Cash.

The second Snow Tunes is actually three smaller mixes stuck together, one of them pure pop delights (Wham!, Slade & co), the other two a little more off-the-menu, but still featuring the likes of Tom Waits and Rod Stewart alongside the Bible-bashers and Southern Baptist wailers.

The third Snow Tunes is a subtle combination of the previous two mixes, once again the familiar getting into bed with the secular, and the sexed-up. You can stream the mixes straight from this page, or you can download them too, by clicking on the little arrow on the top right of each Snow Tunes

Whatever way you choose to listen to these Snow Tunes, we hope they add to that festive feeling. More importantly, we hope you have one hell of a beautiful Christmas…




Check out what’s happening for Christmas in Greystones 2018 here.

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