Accident Causing Major N11 Tailback

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March 23, 2017
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March 26, 2017
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Accident Causing Major N11 Tailback

Our initial thought as we witnessed a major tailback going north on the N11 was that the sunny weather and Mother’s Day had brought everyone and her brother out for the day.

Not quite believing what we saw, we took some video footage, stretching from just outside Bray and on, all the way to The Glenview Hotel.

We couldn’t help but think that everyone in that traffic jam must be thinking that they should have taken the old roads home.

It was when we got home to GG HQ, and posted our video, that social media reports started emerging about a 23-year-old man having crashed his car into a pole, heading north on the N11. And that crash, it was believed, had proven fatal.

Thankfully, those social media posts would appear to be wrong, as the Garda Press Office had no record of a fatal accident on the N11 when we contacted them.

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