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April 5, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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Add Boom To Your Zoom!

With everyone firmly snuggled up in their caves, this might just be the perfect time to get around to a little exercise.

So, hey, we’re all buffed and beach ready for The Most Incredible Greystones Summer Of All Time.

Man, it’s going to be so, so good just to hang out on the South Beach all day once again. And slap people across the back of the head without having to use a six-foot stick.

Over at Anne Sexton Pilates, they’ve got a series of classes running throughout the week on Zoom, the online conference calls app currently sweeping the globe, and these classes will not only make you look damn good, but you’re going to feel pretty great afterwards too.

Take it away, young Anne…

It’s amazing to keep connected and moving with so many people online, just getting to work out with so many familiar faces once again. And we have all sorts of classes available to give you that feelgood factor… It’s been a steep learning curve for myself as someone who is not terribly technical, but it’s so worth it when I log in and see so many familiar faces.


Monday: 10am Backcare Class

Tuesday: 8pm Intermediate Mat Class

Wednesday: 10am General Mat Class
                           2pm Free Leaving Cert & Exam Students Mat Class

                            7pm Pregnancy Class

                             8pm Postnatal Class

Thursday: 10am Back Care & Corrective Health

                      8pm General Mat Class

Friday: 10am General Mat Class
                 2pm Free Leaving Cert & Exam Students Mat Class

Saturday: 10am General Mat Class

All classes will be provided through Zoom and are available to book through our Mind Body booking system.

As some of you may have noticed, we have added two new classes. Backcare With Anne has an emphasis on corrective movement and breath optimising posture and movement And if you know an exam student or anyone that could benefit from our free classes, please, let them know about this brand new class.

You can find out more about Anne Sexton Pilates on their website here, or follow them on Facebook here. You can also get in touch directly on or 0872698375.