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May 7, 2018
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May 8, 2018

The Cove Dogs 10th Feb 2016 (649x1024)
It’s unofficially Greystones’ dog park, and one of the finest sunrise observatories in the world, whilst also one of the best spots in Greystones to slip down below the radar and just relax.

Yep, The Cove is one special little hideaway.

Just ask Ruth Fitzmaurice, if you don’t believe us.

Every morning, once the sun has risen and those bonkers Happy Pear twins have done their free range tantric somersaults, The Cove turns into what appears to be the wrap party for 101 Dalmations. Only you get every breed of dog down there early in the morning – and every breed of Greystonian too.

Such a communal sight would no doubt delight the many, many generations of visitors that have come to The Cove before for a little rest and relaxation, and deep contemplation. And maybe even a little skinny-dipping, the latter having been enough of a problem for the La Touche estate to build bathing boxes way back when this was, after all, The Ladies’ Cove.

Back then, there were steps leading all the way down from the Garda station corner, but there’s something far more inviting – and safer – about that long, graceful ramp that slowly reveals the full beauty of The Cove as you make your way down past the slab of jagged rock to your right.

Especially when The Cove Piper is leading the way.

So, let us take you down, to that perfect hideaway, down through the years. Come on in, the water’s FECKIN’ freezin’!

In Flow by Anne McInerney 25SEPT20

Ladies Of Pleasure by Sophie Power

Swimmers’ Delight by Odeta Burokaite FRI11DEC20

Surf’s Up by John McKiernan

The Bathing Place 1905 Cove Postcard by W Lawrence

The Cove postcard – with extra added glitter

Carraig Eden 1939 Valentine Postcard. Source Unknown

The Cove Painting – hanging in Carraig Eden

The Cove. Postcard. That is all.

The Cove 1920s postcard – colourized, baby!

Cove Valentine Postcard 1958

Grand Hotel from the Air 1948. Srouce Derek Paine

Marine Road with wooden fence around The Cove Source Derek Paine

Marine Road with wooden fence around The Cove Source Derek Paine

Marine Road before the complete wall

Garda Barracks Steps To The Cove

The Cove with steps from the Barracks

The Cove vintage postcard with railing.

The Cove by James Griffin

The Cove April 2015 by swingking85

The Cove. Old Postcard.

The Cove Anna O’Rourke

The Cove Source: McKenzie's Postcard

The Cove Source: McKenzie’s Postcard

August’s End by Ian McCann

The Perfect Storm by Michal Bialis September 2014

Cove Gets A Slap TUES5NOV19 Liz Cusack

August’s End by Ian McCann

Same postcard, but in Living Colour, baby

The Cove & Bray Head vintage Real Photo postcard

Bathing Place postcard. From ye very olden times.

Cove Pole Moon Sunset 20th Mar 2016 (678x1024)

Cove Pole Moon Sunset 20th Mar 2016

The Flagstaff. Source: Patrick Neary

A Grand day out…

All Coved Up. 16th Sept 2017 Pablo Photography

The Cove Pole 9th Mar 2016 (678x1024)

Greystones’ Totem Pole 9th Mar 2016 Pic: Pablo Photography

The Cove Gets Battered 4th Mar 2016 Pablo Photography

The Cove Waves 4th Mar 2016 35 (The One)

The Sugarloaf Has Landed 4th Mar 2016 Pic: Pablo Photography

The Cove Gets A Slap 4th March 2016

The Cove by Val Byrne

Cove Max Storm Waves Greystones Seafront 31jan15 11

View From Above 31st Jan 2016 Pic: Pablo Photography

south beach cove silhouette

Climbing The Rocks Jan 2015 Pic: Pablo Photography

Helicopter Rescue Demo The Cove Pic Anne Stanley

The Cove 1960s Pic Philip Carthew

Here Comes The Rain Again 6th Nov 2015 Pablo Photography

Rainbow Sun 25SSEPT16 Liz Cusack

View From The Flagstaff

Daybreak At The Cove Darragh Stokes

Rust Never Sleeps 5th Sept 2015 Pablo

Cove Sunset by Albert O’Donnell

Greystones Cove 8th Aug 2015 1

That’s What Friends Are For 8th Aug 2015 Pic: Pablo Photography

Hit it!

Sunrise Sunday 13NOV16 Brian Keeley

Sunrise Sunday 13NOV16 Brian Keeley

The Cove Dec 2010 Jody Connaughton

Midnight At The Cove by Kristina

The Cove Sunset SUN16JUNE19 Liz Cusack

Cove Sunset 15JULY19 Liz Cusack

Morning Cove TUES29OCT19 Liz Cusack

Cove Sunrise 25JAN20 Liz Cusack

Daybreak At The Cove Darragh Stokes

You Might As Well Jump MON1JUNE20 Pablo

You can check out our July 2017 video chat with local Cove worshipper Ruth Fitzmaurice right here

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