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February 20, 2021
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And God Created Kilcoole Man

ust like the chiseled, statuesque GG, Kilcoole’s Matty Gilbert is pretty much a perfect specimen of a man.

And he’s got 1.7million social media fans to prove it.

More importantly, the man dubbed by his salivating admirers as The Irish Viking currently has 3,000 subscribers on OnlyFans, the online members only forum for getting up close and virtually personal.

And each of those 3,000 subscribers is happy to pay $20 a month for the privilege of seeing the Kilcoole lad flex those muscles. And act out scenes from 50 Shades Of Gray. Or from the raunchy Netflix hit, 365 Days.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday World, Matty explained, “I blew up on TikTok and then people were constantly asking me to set up an OnlyFans. When I did, women were offering to fly me over to the States, and I was getting marriage proposals.

“People send you vulgar messages too. I couldn’t repeat half of the things I’ve been asked to do. A lot of my followers want nudes but there is a line. There are definitely things I won’t do.”

Which might have something to do with the fact that it was actually Matty’s fiancée, Maria (with whom he has a one-year-old son), who encouraged him to join OnlyFans in the first place. After he posted that gym video in March last year on TikTok – having witnessed the fun Leah, his eight-year-old daughter, was having on the forum – Matty proved an instant success.

In just nine months, he went from zero to 1.6million followers – and is currently, he says, gaining 10,000 new followers daily. Think Happy Pear twins. Only, you know, with meat.

“My most viral video is the Irish stripper – that got 23 million views…”

All of which means Matty might not be reopening his Bray barbershop, Smoke’N’Cuts, when the lockdown lifts. And he may not have all that much time for anymore GAA kickabouts either.

“My partner Maria films a lot of the videos,” he says. “God bless her soul. The neighbours must think I’m on Neighbourhood Watch with my axe, but they haven’t passed comment about my videos. I’m sure they are saying, ‘There he is, in the garden again‘.

When the lockdown does lift, Matty will be considering the possibility of clothing lines. Or gyms. Or real estate.

And finally tying the knot with Maria.

“We were supposed to get married in Santorini in September and that got cancelled, so we rebooked it for August of this year. Things are so uncertain at the moment but I hope we can have our day soon.

“Maria has been such an incredible support to me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”

You can go find the bould Matty over on OnlyFans right here.