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May 20, 2020
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May 19, 2020
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Ann-Marie Goes Full Skinhead

Jaysus, would you look at those long, golden locks, blowin’ in de wind…

Well, ’tis lucky have it on record, because as of today, Ann-Marie Greene is officially a skinhead.

Yep, this evening, at 6pm, to mark her 21st birthday’s 50th anniversary, the bould and now bald Ms Greene went under the clippers.

And came out transformed into a Happy Mondays roadie.

And it was all for charity – namely the mighty Open Door.


Cheering her on was Suzanne Hackett Cox from said Bray charity, excited and delighted that the birthday girl had already raised over €1,000.

Which is how everyone should spend their birthday. Being a feckin’ legend.

And you can make that mighty sum even mightier by  donating over on Facebook right about here.

Now, go find out more about the Open Door care centre right here.