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February 16, 2020
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Another Syringe Found On South Beach

It’s happened before, of course, and it’ll no doubt happen again – increasing the chance of some real damage.

Local Glenn Phelan was out walking his dog, Sadie, when they happened upon a syringe.

Luckily, the ever-hungry Sadie didn’t get a chance to investigate – or eatthe syringe, and Glenn soon had it dumped in a nearby Big Bin.

This follows another recent find, when a woman discovered a syringe tangled up in seaweed on the beach. And we reported before on a bunch of kids happening upon pretty much the same scenario as above.

The inherent danger of a used syringe sees the recommended procedure being to store it inside a bottle or jar and brought to a local pharmacist, doctor or dentist for proper disposal. Given that the needle is always dangerous, and may pierce those emptying our bins.

Hard to know what the solution might be. Putting UV lights all along the seafront isn’t exactly an option. So, for now, be vigilant, especially if you’re walking the dog, or have children.

And, of course, check if it might be your little angel who’s shooting up, of course, and try and give them a good reason not to.

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