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Are We Sitting Ducks…?

After Thursday evening’s attack on four joggers in Charlesland comes news of a new crime wave hitting Greystones, Delgany and Kilcoole.

According to journal.ie, a burglary gang are targeting people here just as they arrive home from work.

This follows a large number of break-in attempts locally in recent weeks, with a group of three men being sought by gardaí.

Armed with hammers and steel bars, it is believed that the three men in question are responsible for most of the burglaries in the area.

That many of burglaries seem to go unregistered has become apparent to the Guide, as we speak with those targeted and find their experiences often not listed on the weekly crime figures for Greystones, Delgany, Kilcoole and beyond.

Those estates most affected by the recent spate of attempted break-ins have created WhatsApp groups in the hope of catching the culprits in the act. And the one recurring complaint is the lack of gardaí in their estates.

Following the most recent break-in attempt last Tuesday, Greystones gardaí have sent patrol cars to monitor the areas most at risk.

The gardaí are also investigating two thefts and one other burglary that have occurred in the past week, and are exploring the possibility that they may be linked. The belief is that the young men are aged between 16 and 19, and that they lay in wait for people to return home from work before making their move. Once the home is unlocked, the teenagers enter and take whatever they can quickly grab – with cash and jewellery being the main targets.

If you witness anything suspicious in your area, please contact Greystones garda station on 016668500.

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