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Are You Being Well Served…?

If there’s one thing Greystones is famous for, it’s the friendliness – and sexiness – of the people here.

And never moreso than in our groovy shops and 1,738 cafés.

From the chucklesome cherubs in the local post office to the happy-go-lucky train station master always out on that platform, to wave you bye-bye sure, we’re a town that clearly cares deeply about good service.

It could be said, of course, that even though every single shop in Greystones is jam-packed with friendly, helpful staff, some go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making sure that the customer is happy.

And they’re the ones that we want to celebrate here.

Those staff members who will always greet you with a smile, and never steer you wrong

The florist who throws in that extra rose. The butcher who slips you a surprise sausage. The supermarket manager who lets your mum ride around in the shopping trolley. The barista who makes sure to blow all the hipster beard hair out of your frappurapadingdongkachingo.

With Emma Fox and the gang at AIB Bank Greystones kindly on board again this year to help us spread the good word on Greystones rockin’ shops – and provide a €50 spending voucher in the winning shop for one lucky GG reader – all you have to do is vote for your favourite in the comments section below.

Look upon it as a pat on the back. And a great big tip.

And don’t forget to tell us why you reckon your fave is Greystones’ finest.

Remember, it’s all about the complete package. The well-stocked shop, the good prices, and the staff member who makes your day that little bit sunnier.

Staff members like the bould Katie Bradshaw at Insomnia, who won last year’s coveted crown. This year…? That’s up to you guys. As we said, just comment below who your personal Greystones favourite, and a line or two on why…


  1. Ursula says:

    Shane at The Happy Pear. I love the coffee, food, atmosphere and the National awareness of healthy food that has come out of Greystones… Thank you to the staff there who helped me feel welcome here.

  2. Kieran says:

    Mona in The Bouys Cafe,always ready willing and able to serve that coffee with the widest smile 🙂

  3. Cormac says:

    “Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too”
    This is Paul in Supervalu all over and he does it not even knowing. Gives the best customer service and brightens up everybody’s day always in a positive mood it’s contagious when u meet him.

  4. KellieC says:

    Eleven deli staff serving great coffee always with a smile !!!

  5. Sophie says:

    Paul , always so helpful

  6. Laura Taylor says:

    Paul from SuperValu.he is a great happy helpful man to everyone

  7. Mary McKeon says:

    Paul from Supervalu! His smile is infectious and will cheer you up on even the worst of days! He always manages to appear just at the right time with a basket or trolley when you’re struggling through the aisles trying to carry everything in your arms that you’ve spontaneously decided to buy! And he has never once said ‘Why don’t you pick up a basket on the way in?’ Thanks Paul!

  8. Kirby Smyth says:

    Paul from Supervalu!!

  9. Orla says:

    I have always received excellent customer service from all our lovely local shops, salons and boutiques. But Paul from SuperValu definitely stands out for his cheery welcome and offer of help every single time I see him. A very deserving winner of this award!

  10. eve lynch says:

    Susie Kenny in Paraphenalia. Always a smile on her face. Ask Susie for anything and if she hasn’t got it she’ll point you to the right shop in Greystones. Great place for kids to spend their pocket money (do they still get that ?) or to buy a small gift for Mum or Dad that’s not going to break the bank. Great range and always helpful.

  11. Norman Harte says:

    Paul from Daly’s SuperValu such a pleasant smile and welcoming voice eager to help hope you all vote as well deserved

  12. Johanne says:

    Paul from SuperValu is very kind helping customers

  13. Ruth says:

    Paul from SuperValu
    Always helping customers and being friendly

  14. Jasmyn Baines says:

    Paul from Dalys Supervalu

    Paul always has a smile on his face and is very welcoming. He works hard and is very enthusiastic about his work. I would love to see him get this award as he truely deserves it.

  15. Karen says:

    Paul from Dalys Supervalu Greystones!!!

    Paul is one of kind with a talent up his sleeve when coming to working very hard and great customer service it’s this gentleman. If you’re having a bad day, Paul’s the one to make it brighter, and put a smile on your face.

  16. Shalini Pemsing says:

    Paul from Daly’s supervalu

    Talking about excellent customer service that’s Paul
    He is just great, always smiling very hard working person.He has such a cheerful personality always ready to help no matter how busy he is!He is like a four leaf clover,hard to find and lucky to have!

  17. Lauren says:

    Paul from Supervalu!
    He’s so friendly and will do anything to help a customer.

  18. Ewelina says:

    Paul from SuperValu Greystones, he always welcomes you with smile and gives you excellent customer service

  19. Molly Elders says:

    Paul from SuperValu, always so helpful and so friendly !

  20. Andrew Reynolds says:

    Paul from supervalu .

  21. Daniel says:

    Paul from SuperValu is who I think of when I think of great service. Has time to greet every customer whether they shop there every day or their first time in. He brightens up so many people’s days and always makes sure everyone is looked after

  22. Emma says:

    Paul from SuperValu!

  23. Chris mccooey says:

    Paul from supervalu.

    Always making sure every customer he sees is helped. Wether it’s if they need help finding something or offering to get them a basket or trolley.

    Truly the gem of greystones

  24. Isabella says:

    Paul from Supervalu. Always has a smile waiting!

  25. Richard says:

    Has to be Paul in supervalu!

  26. Regina says:

    Paul from SuperValu

  27. Paul Y says:

    Paul from SuperValu

  28. Megan says:

    Paul from SuperValu

  29. Megan Gould says:

    Paul from SuperValu

  30. Conor says:

    Paul from SuperValu!

  31. Jack Mohan says:

    Paul from Supervalu Dalys!
    Always says hello to you without a miss.
    Friendly and always goes out of his way to help you. Very hard working and his customer service is Amazing!!

  32. Becky says:

    Paul from Supervalu Greystones! Always so kind and makes sure everyone has what they need. He’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy.

  33. Ashleen Darbey says:

    Pretty woman is the reason every woman should shop local ! I love this shop ! Meets all needs ! A lot of one off pieces and the lovely anne gives great impartial, honest advice !!

  34. Hazel Evans says:

    Prettywoman. This is the best ladies boutique in Greystones. Anne is so helpful and I’ve got a lot of great items ranging from summer shorts to winter jackets.

  35. Claire Keyes says:

    The ladies in Escape Boutique are always so helpful and and put together an outfit that works for you. Brilliant

  36. Debbie Harper says:

    Pretty Woman for sure, I am not from Greystones but I was shopping in it recently and I have to say Greystones is truly a treasured gem.
    I came across Anne in Prettywoman on my shopping spree and immediately I was overwhelmed with her friendly persona, she was talking highly about Greystones village and all it had to offer and even mentioned other shops and boutiques to visit during my stay. I left her little boutique with a bag full of fabulous pieces, I will most definitely be returning to Greystones for a long weekend and this time I am pre-planning it with my friends. Thank you Prettywoman for a wonderful experience.

  37. Pauline says:

    Pretty Woman – for great stock, great value and service with a smile from Anne. Add to that some interesting and fun customer events during the year to make Pretty Woman a one stop fashion shop!

  38. Fionnuala says:

    Pretty Woman ! Anne always has gorgeous pieces and takes the time to offer advice to her customers. She takes pride in her shop and spoils her clients and always goes the extra mile !

  39. Siobhan Tinkler says:

    Staff in Aldi are always patient and go the extra mile to help the customer get what they need.

  40. Shane says:

    Paul from SuperValu greystones had best customer service he is polite to every customer that step into the shop

  41. Jackie Horan says:

    Up to my Eyes – they usually are (!) … but all of the Team always greet with a smile – professional pampering at its best !

  42. Louise shannon says:

    Paul from supervalu main street
    Paul is a very friendly helpful person that goes out of his way to help out in the shop he is always happy at his job and takes the time to say hello to everyone

  43. Sarah-Louise Shannon says:

    Paul from Dalys Supervalu Greystones!!
    I’ve never come across better customer service then what Paul gives. He is the most polite, hard working and friendly person, he always has a big smile on his face. Paul always makes sure customers are okay and always makes them feel welcomed. Supervalu would truly be lost without him!

  44. Ailish Gunning says:

    Paul from Supervalu Main Street!

    He gives excellent customer service, and greets every customer he sees. He is always offering to help customers in the shop. He is a friendly, hard working and smiley person. He is the type of person who will go out of his way to give a customer good customer service even when he is very busy working hard. You can always count on Paul, Supervalu would be lost without him.

  45. Evelyn says:

    Bocellis for always making a fuss of us when we come in and treat our little girl Kate like a princess! A special mention to Monica who gives us celeb treatment and always a hug to Kate and takes time to chat to us even at her busiest!

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