Feelgood On Wheels
May 3, 2020
Whitmore Calls For Youth Transition Task Force
May 6, 2020

Most people have crossed that line between Bank Holiday Weekend and Lost Weekend by now, as we enter into our sixth weekend of lockdown.

And it’s not over yet, of course, as Greystones joins the country – and the rest of the world – in slowly, cautiously coming out of our Covid-19-enforced hibernation.

Should cabin fever start to mess with your head, your loved ones and your bank balance, may we recommend a quick look around this town that we live in…?

Having taken an early-doors shot for our ongoing 100 Days 100 Greystonians 2020, Max and GG headed for The Cove for a morning stroll, and, well, the moment that beaming sun, that sparkling water and those crashing waves came into view, any sense of tiredness or worry just popped like a breakfast champagne bubble.

Goddamn, it’s beautiful down on Greystones seafront just about every day, but, when you’ve got weather as fresh and fine as today’s, the feelgood factor can suddenly go all the way up to 11.

So, if you can – and from today, our beloved over-70s can once again venture beyond the front door – get yourself out there, and breathe in the air, and the optimism, that a day like today brings.

And if you can’t make it out just yet, go explore our great big splashy collection of wickedly wonderful waves battering the bejiggers out of Greystones right over here.