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Balls To The Wall?

Press release issued on behalf of the residents of Farrankelly Close on Sunday, July 26th 2020…

A number of residents in Farrankelly Close have expressed disappointment with Wicklow County Council, who, they claim, did not adequately heed any of their concerns regarding a new pedestrian access route recently constructed at their estate.

Many residents are concerned that given the location of the new ungated access ramp from the main playing area which now leads straight onto a main road, their children are at risk and in danger of being knocked down.

A residents’ spokesperson stated, “Wicklow County council need to heed our concerns regarding our children’s safety and ensure their playing environment is a safe one. We as an estate have put so much work into that green area to make it look aesthetically pleasing and now part of it has been left to overgrow and another is home to a great big wall of concrete. With no added street lighting, this wall is likely to attract graffiti and anti-social behaviour.

An outcome that will not only effect Farrankelly Close but the surrounding community too.”

Echoing the residents’ concerns, independent councillor Mags Crean concluded, ” Wicklow County Council need to heed the concerns raised by the residents committee, who have spent many years maintaining, planting and tending to this area.”

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  1. Paul says:

    From Kathleen Kelleher…

    Farrankelly Close

    I know you remember all the trouble we have had in the past with pedestrian accesses.
    And social disorder.
    Many of them had to be closed.

    When I was on WCC, I had the following put into the County Development Plan:
    “Pedestrian laneways must be open, well lit and capable of being easily monitored.”
    This new pedestrian access is against all good planning and an insult to the residents.
    It is certainly not safe for children, opening onto the R761, one of the busiest roads in the county.

    No resident in any estate could accept this laneway as it is now designed.

    One of the worst things that can happen to an estate is to have it opened up beyond its initial plan.
    Most estates are self contained and safe.
    I don’t remember reading about any requests by residents to install a pedestrian laneway at this site.