East Coast Greenway One Step Closer
February 20, 2021
And God Created Kilcoole Man
February 20, 2021
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Bandana Republic

andalism is, of course, the last resort of the witless.

If you can’t put up a valid argument, or figure out what the hell is going on, resort to throwing an egg from your car.

Which is what’s been happening at Stephen Donnelly’s Kilcoole home.

Because the man hasn’t single-handedly beaten Covid-19 and taken the country out of lockdown. Amongst other unforgiveable Health Minister failures.

With a 6ft wooden fence currently being built to protect the front of this roadside cottage (after “a number of incidents”, says a spokesperson), it’s important to remember that Donnelly is generally quite busy at work each day. And that it’s his young family who are inside.

Rubbish has also been dumped at the property.

Whatever about your politics, or belief that someone hasn’t sorted out the world to your liking, resorting to such actions is futile. And pathetic.

A defibrillator looks at you the wrong way? A sapling tree in the park reminds you of your domineering dad? That clear white wall is clearly laughing at you? Unleash DUMB!

Here’s hoping the whole thing is just feckwits passing in the night, and we don’t get to look like a bunch of toothless, clueless hillbillies in the national media.