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Imagine, if you will, one sparkling little website dedicated to one sparkling little square patch of land. 

Now, try to imagine just one eejit dedicating seven years of their life – seven days a week, 365 days a year – to that one little website.

Hey, welcome to The Greystones Guide, and me, Paul Byrne, the big eejit in question.

Packed with interviews, news, events, the occasional bout of nonsense and the kind of historical archives that would make Derek Paine twerk in his grave, the Guide is the crazy glue that holds this town togethercelebrating our past and looking to our future whilst, most importantly, making sure that we have a comprehensive record of Greystones’ today. Along with a fair idea of what’s happening tomorrow too.

Separating the facts from the Forum, the selfless acts from the selfie twats, the helping hand from the sponsored spam, this is PR without the BS, offering a haven away from the shouting match that is social media. There are no ads for Des Kelly Carpets here, no Paddy Power carrots dangling over our logo. The Guide is far more about community than commerce, and our stupidly low prices reflect that.

Ultimately, we’re all about celebrating the good ship Greystones, and all who sail in her. And we reach out far beyond your social media bubble, spreading good news – and hot gossip! – like wildfire all across de land.

Okay, here’s the lowdown…

You can be part of the Guide for as little as €10 – which gives you a paragraph for a month on our calendar, seasonal and promotional listings, such as the front-page, daily-updated and daily-shared Your Greystones Week and Your Greystones Specials, plus Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day round-ups. So, think small ads, only, you know, sexy.

Taking a step up, you can have your own customised, shareable, huggable GG page – with all your info, links, contact details, images, etc – for just €25, running on the Guide for six weeks. This will also include you in all our daily-updated, daily-shared front-page listings.

If you’re feeling a little wild and crazy, you can jump all of the above up to a What’s Hot This Week banner presence for €35 – which gets you a week on the cover (three days on WHTW; four days on Recommended), as well as an inpost teaser on daily posts for a week. This post would be on the Guide for two months. Boom!

Alternatively, if you have your own website page that you’d simply like people to go pay some love and attention to, we can do a daily inpost teaser link for seven whole days for just €30, or fourteen days for just €50, sending people straight to your online HQ.

The most popular Guide promotion is our yearlong membership, available for just €95, which comes with your own customised GG directory page, a Burnaby Blitz week (where you’re a cover star and linked on daily posts) plus eight free €25 feature posts (worth €200), and automatic inclusion in all calendar and promotional listings. For 12 whole months.

There’s a VIP package at €250 too, which includes all of the above but, alongside your regular posts, you get 8 What’s Hot This Week cover posts (worth €35 each), two weeks of a Burnaby Blitz (priceless) and a front cover interview (worth €75). All told, this package is worth €650.

You can also just have your own GG page without any of the bells or whistles for just €30, or €50, if you’d also like to also be part of all our calendar, seasonal and promotional listings. If you just want to be included in the Guide’s free Business Listings, you can email your basic details (including any links or contact details) to

We’re going to introduce a few more features over the coming months, as we strive to make this unique local site even more effective. Suffice to say, we’re active seven days a week – which may explain why we’re getting more online readers than any other local media. Heck, at 200,000 hits a month, we’re getting even more than The Sunday Business Post.

Also, worth comparing‘s yearly fee of €660, with 45,000 hits a month, to the Guide’s yearly membership of €95 with over 200,000 hits a month. Be! The! Jiggers!

If you need more info, you can read the longer overview here. We also do cover story interview specials, banner spots, competition tie-ins and in-post love-ins, as well as posters, photography and a weekly gig guide. Oh, and a groovy Christmas campaign.

Because this is very much a one-on-one site, we’re pretty sure we can tailor the perfect fit for you and your business. Just email us on if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the Guide menu.


  1. Siobhan Tinkler says:

    In this month of Love, I have to confess that I have a bit of a crush on this Greystones Guide.! I am new to the area and find the articles humorous and on point, written with the devotion of a local who takes great pride in the people and surroundings. For me it captures the essence of the area and adds to my joy of having made it my home. Thank you. Keep up the good work ❤

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