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August 14, 2019
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July 11, 2019

It’s a glorious feeling bouncing up in the air – especially when you’re having a groovy party with Boogie Bounce.

The latest fitness craze just happens to be a whole lotta flouncy, bouncy fun, and Paul and the gang are ready to host your big celebration.

Who doesn’t want a pep in their step on their celebration…?

Over to Paul…

It can be difficult to find activities around here for that big hen party, birthday party or anniversary blow-out that will suit the whole gang.

A Boogie Bounce Party Package is suitable for all ages, group sizes and fitness levels. From your mother-in law to your youngest sister, everyone will love the fun filled class…

This is no ordinary party, or class, with those disco lights swirling to all your favourite 1980s and 1990s dancefloor favourites. It’s going to be hard not to singalong to every single song. Even if you are bouncing.

The moves are done on your own trampoline with safety handle – which allows you to be as adventurous as you want, and control the pace. Add into all that some silly games, and we will definitely get the party started for you. And we will make sure to include your own personal dancefloor faves into the mix.

And to top it all, we also have changing facilities so you can bounce out the door, ready for your night on the town. We have also teamed up with a local hotel, so, you can book an afternoon tea for afters too.

It’s a great way to break the ice and bring everyone together right from the start.

You can book your Boogie Bounce spot right here, check out the Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes here, and find out more about the gang on their Facebook page a like here. You can also get in touch on

Oh, and catch a little of that local adult flouncy bouncy fitness fun here.