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It’s all there, people – groovy classes for groovy kids, and a great way to make your Sunday special.

Yep, Sarah Bradley is bringing her ten years of dancing, singing, acting and teaching experience to the next generation of theatre titans.

With an MA in directing from the Old Vic and a BA in Drama & Theatre Studies from Trinity, Sarah is also a qualified Irish Board of Speech & Drama teacher.

More importantly, she played Tinkerbell in a Gaiety panto production of Peter Pan.

So, you know, the lady knows what she’s doing. And she’s happy to share that knowledge with similarly wide-eyed young stars of tomorrow.

“I’ve been teaching in various different schools over the last 10 years,” says Bradley, “and I’ve loved every minute of it. I found the private classes were particularly fun, so, I took the big leap last year, and set up The Bradley Theatre School, making sure to keep the classes small, so you get a real one-on-one connection with every student…”

It’s that early spark of the performer that Sarah particularly loves, having been, by her own admission, “the no.1 drama queen as a kid, in every single way“. Having benefitted from the age of three by having an “amazing teacher” in Deirdre Reinglass, by the age of five, Sarah was being told that she could be a drama teacher. Or an actor. Or maybe both.

“Having that kind of affirmation from your drama teacher is just a wonderful boost,” smiles Sarah today. “It pretty much set me on this path, and I don’t think a single day of my life has passed since when I haven’t been doing something connected to drama, to singing, to dancing, to teaching…”

Youth theatre followed drama class, followed dance class, followed musical theatre, followed by The Walnut Hill Performing Arts college in Boston, followed by the prestigious Drama & Theatre Studies in Trinity. That Sarah’s world has taken over the world once again – High School Musical and Glee paving the way to an endless stream of TV talent showshas meant that musical theatre has never been healthier. Or more accessible.

“It’s a fantastic time right now for kids who want to sing, or dance, or act. Given just how healthy musical theatre is right now, the opportunities are there, and that means more and more performers, and more and more teachers, are getting to fulfill their childhood dreams.”

As much as Sarah loves being on the stage – picking up awards for directing Still Here at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, and last year’s Fierce Notions at the Dublin Fringe – nurturing that love in kids comes a very close second. And that even extends to the terrible teens.

“Ultimately, we hope to run the full gauntlet, from theatre tots to teenagers, and give each of them their own classes,” explains Sarah. “The connection between kids of their own age and ability is crucial to the theatre experience, as you’ll find yourself in these theatre groups that work largely like a surrogate family. That bond just strengthens everyone’s skills and confidence, and it’s just such a joy to be a part of.”

Taking place at The Whale on Theatre Lane from Jan 6th, and running every Sunday for an hour, Sarah has two 10-week courses on offer, for Theatre Tots, and for kids aged 7 to 12, the Creative Drama, both starting at 9.50am. You can find out more about The Bradley Theatre School on their website here, or get in touch directly on or 0851538422.

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