Another Side Of Our Dylan
December 23, 2018
Delgany Mini-Mart Robbers Nab €5,000
January 3, 2019

They were all, of course, most definitely old enough to know better, but that didn’t stop a bunch of middle-aged rebels who couldn’t remember where they left their cause raising Hot Spot’s roof tonight.

The brainchild of Declan Cox, Bernie Stokes and their motley, moth-eaten crew, this was a night all about remembering your wild Greystones youth.

It was a reunion for rockers, greasers and hippies of all shades, persuasions and odours, with most of them – to paraphrase Sir Roger of Daltrey – glad they hadn’t die before they got old.

Most of them.

Far more hip-op than hip-hop, the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s was the name of the memory game tonight, as all those present remembered wild nights in The Rugby Club, watching The Zen Alligators rip it up down at The Stables, or getting up to shoulder-padded shenanigans in Cabana’s, where we would all Disco Duck the night away.

Many there were clearly no longer concerned about finding a cure for the Summertime Blues – they simply wanted something for their arthritis, for their varicose veins, or those feckin’ shingles.

And proving he’s a man of many powers, our roving photographer John McGowan somehow managed to photobomb quite a few of his own shots. Now, that’s skill…

You can check out the full police line-up – and download in hi-res for free – right about here.

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