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July 22, 2020
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Given her love of music – and her passion for teaching it – we reckon Naomi Clarkson was born playing the piano…

Which would have meant a pretty difficult birth, of course, but, hey, the woman has brought joy, harmonies, happy rhythms and merry melodies to countless children.

Which is where Naomi’s MusicKids comes in, the idea being to bring your child on a fun, exciting music journey which will instill a love of music for life.

For babies, toddlers and bigger kids up to the age of 8, there are play-based music classes. For those 6 years of age upwards, the Music Rhapsody curriculum flows rather beautifully into the Simply Piano Method.

And given that we’re all born with music in our bones, the bottom line here is that nobody is ever too old to learn the piano.

But, hey, before GG actually breaks into song, over to Naomi to get the lowdown…

Hi there, my name is Naomi and I have I recently set up Music Kids to instill a lifetime love of music in children from a young age, which I am extremely passionate about.

I have worked with children for the last 20 years as a Montessori teacher, directing children’s choirs, and I currently work as a music teacher in Rathmichael N.S, Shankill and St Francis N.S, Newcastle.

I am mama to three gorgeous girls, and after experiencing first-hand what a positive effect music has in the early years, I decided to study the Lynn Kleiner Music Rhapsody programme. Her lessons are fun, playful and an ideal platform for preparing each child to play an instrument. I love this play-based approach of teaching and I have carried on with my studies so that I can continue to support my students on their musical journey, and teach the Simply Piano programme – which follows the same principles as Music Rhapsody. Children as young as 6 years of age can start playing songs of different genres after their very first few lessons.

I am so excited about this approach to learning piano. It is a remarkable piano method that looks at both teaching and learning of music in a totally new light. This programme redefines how music is taught and sets a new standard in entry-level music learning.

My baby & toddler classes are fun, energetic and inclusive for all children and parents are encouraged to join in and will be provided with material to use at home to assist in developing the child’s music abilities that they were born with. There is a music kid in us all…

I look forward to meeting you in class!

Bada-BOOM! You can find out more about MusicKids on their website here, follow them on Facebook here, and Instagram here. And sure, you can simply get in touch with Naomi directly by emailing info@musickids.ie.