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January 26, 2019
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Brunels’ Night To Remember

As the town’s lovers and loners brace themselves for Valentine’s Day, the options for bringing a little love – and yummy treats – into your life just keep on coming.

The latest is from Greystones’ groovy new café, Brunels, who have put together A Night To Remember.

Mind you, the fact that you get a bottle of wine thrown in alongside the gourmet chocolates, the artisan sharing plate, main course and that welcome glass of prosecco, not entirely sure remembering will be all that easy for some.

It’s just €70 for two lovebirds to be wined and dined to the point of feeling very fine, so, of course, it’s wise to book

Just call Shalini on 012878944 to book your table. In the meantime, you can catch our recent visit here, and check out what Elvis himselvis made of this double-barrelled café and wine bar here.

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