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October 11, 2017
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October 15, 2017
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That Missed Call From Liberia…?

The lady above may not look all that smart, but, if she’s just gotten a missed call from Liberia, she’s dealing with it in the right way…

The latest in an endless line of Nigerian prince scams, these missed calls with the prefix +123 are part of a Premium CallBack scam.

Meaning you’ll be charged a week’s wages for a 5-second call, should you attempt to phone the missed number back.
We’ve had a few people from Greystones get in touch to tell us they’ve been getting these weird missed calls and texts – so, these guys obviously know where the real money is.

So, as always, if you don’t recognise a number – especially when it’s from a country you couldn’t even point out on a map – ignore the bugger.