A Lakers’ Dozen
March 22, 2019
When Your Skiff Comes In
March 22, 2019

Sure and begorrah, it was a sea of yellow down at the Presbyterian Hall this morning, as the annual Daffodil Day Coffee Morning got underway.

All of Greystones’ most beautiful – and hungry – people were there, lapping up the homemade cakes and wafting the daffs like Morrissey reborn.

And there were plenty of daffodil-themed goodies on offer, besides the flowers themselves, with happy shoppers snapping up tea towels, greeting cards, shopping bags and teddies.

Not for sale though, was the wide-eyed and bushy-tailed Bonnie, the Greystones Cancer Support mascot, and trusted companion of Emma Tagliarino.

All in aid of a good cause, of course, the money raised going to the Irish Cancer Society.

As is so very often the case, the mighty John McGowan was there, to capture  it all…

You can check out the full John McGowan gallery of shots from the morning here.

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