Dirty Old Tinseltown
December 16, 2019
The Boy Who Cried Woof
January 14, 2020

When it comes to love, you know you’ve found a true life partner when they’re happy to come and help you bury the body.

Even when it’s late at night. And they’re in the middle of a particularly god box set.

All of which makes Martin Scorsese’s 1990 true life mobster epic Goodfellas not only a perfect slice of mafia life but also, perhaps, the finest bromance that Hollywood has ever produced.

The bond between Henry Hill and James Conway is one that most happy loving couples would kill for. The fact that Henry and James were always willing to kill for the love between them is a big part of what makes Goodfellas so special. And huggable.

So, when better to show this beautiful, heart-tugging love story than on Valentine’s night? Especially after you’ve just massacred some fine Italian cuisine. Just like Marty’s mother used to make.

That’s the cunning Greystones Film Club plan for Friday, February 14th, as The Whale and The Bear Paw Delicatessen team up for yet another big night out. At 7pm, Claire and co will be offering up a buffet supper of Short Rib Beef & Rich Tomato Ragu Spaghetti, plus Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil, along with both Caesar and Caprese salads, and all the fresh bread with red pesto and olives that you and your beloved can gobble down.

At 8.30pm, it’s a short stroll downstairs to The Whale, for, hey, the finest Martin Scorsese movie EVER. And don’t you forget it.

The fact that these Greystones Film Club screenings come with free freshly-popped popcorn, a full bar and waiter service, well, this is truly an offer you’d be a fool to refuse.

And we reckon your loved one will feel the same. Even if it’s a first date. Or it’s just a night out with a good buddy.

Happening on Friday, February 14th at The Whale, it’s €30 for the pretty-much-sold-out meal and the movie, or €10 for just the movie, with that yummy free popcorn. You can grab your table right about here