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September 13, 2020
Water Works Ahoy!
September 17, 2020
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Can You Redig It…?

When the Dooley lad told us earlier today all about getting the mains connected to those new Wicklow Arms town houses, we thought he was taking the Micháel.

Surely, with the roads through Delgany and beyond currently being resurfaced until the 21st, they’ll be all shiny and new for at least a year or two to come…

Alas, that would appear not to be the case. Akin to getting the painters and decorators in before having your radiators fitted throughout the house, according to the far-from-an-angel Gabriel, all these spanking new roads will shortly be dug up by for water mains connection.

So, we got in touch with Annabel Fitzgerald at Irish Water this morning, asking if this was true. The lady said she’d come back to us shortly.

Six hours later, and still waiting, we sent Annabel another email.

We’re still waiting. Which suggests that the big Delgany Double Dig-Up probably is true.

If that’s the case, guessing not only those living in and around Delgany – who have been allowing lots of extra time for school runs, etc – but those with businesses in the village will utterly underwhelmed.

“Sure, over at The Fat Fox,” says Gabriel of the coffee drive-in where you’re encouraged to pull up, perk up and piss off, “their takings are down 90% with all these road works.”

Shocking. Given that the new nearly-finished development behind The Wicklow Arms might just need some plumbing, those water works will undoubtedly be happening soon

Exactly when, and for how long, we’ll let you know. As soon as Annabel works up the courage to tell us.