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November 12, 2015
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November 11, 2015

The Carmelite nuns have been a part of Delgany since December 7th, 1844, having been formed by a monastic community from Dublin’s Warrenmount at the request of the parish priest of Kilquade.

So, you know, these sisters have got history. Lots of history.

The monastery itself was rebuilt and then relaunched in July 2005, heralding in what the sisters believe to be ‘the universal call to places apart’. Which I’m not quite sure about. Still, it’s an fine building, and it’s been a haven to many a soul over the last 160 years.

You can find out more about the Carmelite Monastery on the website here, or you can contact them directly on 0858601794 or the rather long and laborious You can also follow the girls on Twitter, right here

Carmelite Monastery & Garden vintage postcard

Carmelite Monastery Late 19th Century. Pic Robert French

Catholic Church & Carmelite Monastery Postcard. Source Unknown

Carmelite Church December 2016

You can check out our December 2016 tour inside and out with Shay Clear here, and out video chat with Sister Gwen, charting the history of their 145-year-old Nativity scene here. You can also check out the beginning of the end here. The top image here is from 1921, taken by MK O’Connor.

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