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February 3, 2020
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February 14, 2020

Proving that a little people power can go a long way, Michael Malley and the gang down Charlesland way have brought some major flower power to the area.

Working together with Greystones Tidy Towns plus local volunteers and community groups, along with a big helping hand from local businesses, the flower beds and banks at both the Charlesland and the Seabourne View entrances have been given major makeovers.

And they’re looking damn fine.

Here’s the lowdown…

Recently, Greystones Tidy Towns led a local community effort to enhance the appearance of the main Charlesland and Seabourne View roundabout, located at the entrance to both estates along the Charlesland Road.

This represents a first step in transforming the interchange and was actively supported by local resident volunteers, community groups and businesses from the Charlesland and Seabourne View estates.

None of this could have been accomplished without the support of the Wicklow County Council, Greystones Municipal Office, who provided the required traffic management along this busy interchange. Greystones Tidy Towns will continue to support the local council on all future enhancements planned for this area.

Special thanks to the local community, volunteers and business sponsors whose contributions made this project possible:

– – provided professional services to trim, shape and tidy the main roundabout

– Schnittger Bourne Property Mgt Ltd

– Seabourne View Management Company CLG

– SuperValu Charlesland

– Charlesland Wood Management Company Ltd.

– Charlesland Park and Grove Management Company Ltd.

– Arboretum Kilquade

Fair fecks to everyone involved, especially given that Charlesland and Seabourne are pretty much the welcoming committee for many visitors making their way to the town. Here’s hoping the rest of us can live up to such great work…

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  1. Louise O'Sullivan says:

    Thank you to all you wonderful people I see out and about, planting shrubs, bulbs, picking up rubbish, beautifying our locality for all our benefit. I appreciate it so much. It lifts my heart to see nature blossoming with the loving nurturing of these wonderful volunteers. Thank you. Louise

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