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September 15, 2020
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September 14, 2020
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Covid Case At Temple Carrig

The notice from Principal Alan Cox went out last night, letting parents know that there’d been a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the school’s sixth year.

Which has meant that between 15 and 20 teachers and two classes at the Greystones school will be self-isolating over the coming days.

Naturally, such a reduction in numbers has meant that Temple Carrig have had to do a little reshuffling of teachers to ensure that the pupils’ regular classes go ahead. Wherever possible.

Please bear with us,” Cox stated in Tuesdays email, as he explained even these new arrangements might have to change as needs arose.

Talking to the Guide this morning, the much-loved principal was clearly overwhelmed by the immediate response, and the support, of the Greystones community when it came to dealing with this issue. And he found a kindred spirit in Greystones Community College’s principal, Ruairi Farrell, too, the latter not only offering to supply Temple Carrig with substitute teachers if needed but, this morning, the lad also sent over a small van-load of pastries to the school.

In his email last night, Cox was at pains to stress that the Temple Carrig students were currently ‘in no greater a degree of danger‘, and that there was no additional threat in the year groups which are being asked to work at home. With the changes to the timetable made ‘purely in response to the Public Health Dept requiring so many of our teachers to stay out of school pending the test results‘, despite the frustrations, Cox finished by stating, ‘hopefully, this can be merely a brief disruption to our return to school, and we will be able to get back on with things quickly‘.

With transition and sixth year students now working from home, the hope is that normal service will be resumed shortly.