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June 9, 2021
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June 9, 2021
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Crapper’s Delight

aving been announced in May, the South Beach’s temporary summer toilets have arrived.

Situated down at the bottle bank end of the South Beach car park, they should be fit for purpose by Friday evening.

With Greystones’ population constantly growing and the town itself becoming even more of a tourist attraction – even for our neighbours – the need for the likes of extra public toilets and extra bins has been a growing concern.

And Greystones District Council have heeded our cross-legged call, with today’s free public toilets joining the return recently of the old harbour crappers and the two pay-per-poo HQs at either end of the South Beach.

Now, all we need are a few extra roads, the odd extra school, a real dog park and maybe even a slab of untouched field to picnic on, and sure, we’ll all be happy champers.

Forever and ever. And ever.