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Decoding Da Vinci

Young Sister Miriam from Luisne has been on the blower about a special anniversary talk on the mildly talented Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was 500 years ago this year that the great Italian Renaissance artist died, and art educator Siobhan Campbell will be examining his legacy, and his vision.

There’s plenty of explore, of course, given that the man was somewhat ahead of his time in many areas, including the environment, and even vegetarianism. Think Happy Pear twins. Only not as smart. Or rich.

Taking place on Wednesday 13th, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, here’s de spiel…

This year marks the 500th anniversary of his death May 2nd 1519. His accomplishments read like an A to Z of humanity’s intelligence. He was an anatomist, geologist, engineer, scientist, painter and vegetarian. He was also the first environmentalist who understood the unity of the earth’s biosystems.

This talk gives us a glimpse into his approach whilst also exploring the incredible notebooks he compiled over his 67 years. Siobhan is a freelance art educator, delivering talks and courses for over fifteen years, and is presently delivering a course entitled The Power of Colour, a research into the power of pigments in the making of paintings, from the ancient cave artworks to the dyed denim of our modern-day jeans.

Her delivery of art lectures has stemmed from teacher training both with the Professional Development Service for Teachers and the National College of Art and Design.

Admission is €10 and advance booking is required. You can contact Siobhan Campbell on 0876954183 or, and find out more about Luisne, and the talk, here.