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July 18, 2020
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Delgany Recovery A One-Way Street?

The idea of a one-way system being introduced to Delgany’s main drag didn’t go down all that well back in 2014.

With all those businesses in the village now needing a shot or two in the arm though, the idea has come around again.

Only this time, the one-way would be temporary. Until the Farrellys are certified billionaires. As opposed to just common or garden millionaires.

Here’s the lowdown…

In order to support local businesses and the community during the Covid-19 reopening period, Delgany Community Council are looking at the possibility of introducing a temporary one-way traffic system along Convent Road (Main St) in Delgany Village. DCC are working on this initiative with the support of Greystones Municipal District.

The main aims of the trial would be to:

  • provide a safe space and environment for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, wheelchair users and buggies on busy footpaths and roads

  • enhance local business through encouraging people to ‘shop local’

  • facilitate local businesses by providing space for queueing on public footpaths

  • help the public adhere to social distancing measures

  • improve air quality and overall experience in the public realm for all

  • facilitate social engagement while maintaining social distancing guidelines

  • increase mobility and accessibility for local residents

The road would be laid out in accordance with best practice road design to prevent excessive speeds. This would be a temporary trial that could be in place for as long as desired, as long as it was working, and as long as Covid-19 restrictions would require it.

In terms of direction initial thought is for traffic to be one-way out onto the R762/Church Rd. For example, this would mean that traffic approaching the village from the direction of Delgany NS would not be permitted to turn right into Delgany village.  If it was to become a longer term solution this direction would eliminate the need for the right hand turning land on the R762 and so the extra space could be given over to provide more footpath space. This could give more public space to vulnerable road users and allow space for people to dwell and chat rather than to have to try to pass each other by without having to step out onto the road.

Materials used would all be temporary materials but planters and flexible bollards can be used. They can be different to the ones used at the Delgany Inn as it is a lower designation and lower speed and volume road.

Delgany needs to better prepare for a future where there are a lot more houses and people living directly within the Delgany community and making it easier, safer and more enjoyable for customers to walk to and spend time in the village. This project would allow Delgany an opportunity to trial something temporarily now, tweak it if needed or pull it totally if it doesn’t work.

We are seeking feedback on your thoughts about the possible introduction of this temporary one-way trial. The following short survey aims to capture the views of residents, businesses, and shoppers, adequately representing the community sentiment of Delgany.

You can fill out the Delgany Community Council survey right about here.

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