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November 26, 2016
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Delgany’s Style Bawn House Is No More

It was only a matter of weeks ago that we took a look with local historian Shay Clear at this once-proud old Delgany home, and tonight, Style Bawn House is no more.

It’s also only a matter of weeks since the derelict Sillan Lodge mysteriously burnt to the ground too.

And what do these two fine local buildings have in common? Hey, they’re sitting on prime property and also in court files, bogged down in planning permission hell.

style-bawn-houseIn Ireland, such problems are often solved by the mighty Maguire & Patterson, of course. Not that we’re suggesting for one minute that what happened at Sillan Lodge and Style Bawn House – or, unsuccessfully, at The La Touche Hotel on numerous occasions – was in any way, shape or form deliberate.

small-ronan-group-ronangroup-development-stylebawn-delgany-copyThese fires were probably caused by errant teenagers. Or rogue fairies.

Hard to know what will happen to this prime location now, especially with a social housing development battle just kicking off across the lane.

Blackberry Lane is feeling it from both sides right now. At the Willow Grove end, the Cherry family seem determined to turn the place into the new Charlesland estate.

Let’s hope it’s nothing like the high-end commune we spotted on the website of the Ronan Group, simply entitled Stylebawn. Johnny Ronan has had big plans for this area for a long, long time… 

You can take our Delgany tour with Shay, and find out more about Style Bawn House, right here. Below, we visit the site the morning after the fire… 


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  1. This home was the home of the Harmon family, Edward Harmon moved to Dublin in the early 20s and set up a dairy distribution business in Beaver row & Milltown, He leased the house called Geraldine House a magnificent period house which as eventually sold to developers in the 80s Also had the old Autocar garage which then Murphy & Gunn bought.

  2. Hannah Clive says:

    I used to live there as a child with my father the actor and author John Clive and my family . My memories of playing there in the lovingly kept garden and the house are cherished. It is a travesty that this has happened and I let out a wail when I saw the video. Heartbroken in London.

  3. Michael says:

    Woodlands Hotel (Black and Tans Barrack) in the early 1990’s. The old Tinker’s Nook cottage about 12 years ago, the big house opposite the convent about two years ago and now Style Bawn. What have / had these places in common? All of them were protected / listed buildings set on fire sitting on lands the “developers” had their eyes on. And of course the culprits were never caught and brought to justice……

  4. Gareth says:

    It’s the end of an era. And what a sad end at that!

  5. respectful juvenile says:

    As a young fellow myself id wandered up to the old Delgany house a few times only to be surprised at the shire beauty of the old timer. As a young fellow i think this iconic house will be remembered and sadly missed by young majority as we saw it as a get away from the now hectic “village”. It was one of the only places to go and appreciate the beauty of nature in a now noise polluted area. I understand people will think that juveniles did this but i assure you it was loved and respected by the majority of US.