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May 9, 2019
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Dickheads Steal Defib Pads. Again.

Young Margaret Duggan from Greystones Community First Responders is, of course, dumbfounded by the stupidity of it all.

Dickheads, taking a life-saving device, and vandalising it.

Sadly, this has happened before, and now, with the pads stolen from a Greystones defibrillator not once but twice, a fundraising page has had to be created.

Here’s Margaret to explain more…

As you all probably know, Defibs and pads are expensive pieces of kit. In the cabinets around the town, there are two sets of pads, which are used along with the Defib if someone is having a cardiac arrest, these pads are single-use items.
Recently, someone stole a set of pads from one of the cabinets in the town, we replaced them and believe it or not, that second set was stolen shortly afterwards.
We cannot believe that this has happened!
We now have to replace the pads again, this means another €120 plus vat from the precious funds we raise throughout the year. How could anyone have such a callous disregard for our community and what we are trying to do? If anyone would like to donate a set of pads to help us offset these losses, please get in touch, it would be much appreciated. Thanks all. Happy Hearts.

You can donate to the fundraiser here, and you can check out our full list of local defibrillators – with their Google Maps location embedded – right here.