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August 26, 2015
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August 27, 2015

Doe Eyes Jessica 10th Feb 2016 2 (1024x678)
Doe Eyes Delgany makes the most of The Look – and you only have to look at proprietor Jessica Keating to know that…

Formerly known as Fabulash!, Doe Eyes Delgany, a luxurious eyelash extension and brow salon, will be opening its doors to the public on the 1st of December in its new home of hill view house, Delgany.

Jessica Keating, founder of the company, has decided to rebrand and cleverly incorporate Delgany’s animal theme into her new salon. And just like its cuddly neighbour’s emporiums, Doe Eyes has proven to be warm and welcoming with a zest of sophistication and oodles of luxurious touches.

And who doesn’t like having oodles of luxurious touches…?

Oh, and the cool thing is, once you’ve gotten that perfect faraway eyes look, you can always pop next door and flirt with Delgany’s answer to the Happy Pear twins, the Farrelly brothers.

Doe Eyes LogoYou can call Jessica on 0876225170 or visit the Doe Eyes Facebook page by clicking on the logo left. Also below, check out our video chat with Jessica to see just how fab agus groovy Doe Eyes is.

Brace yourself. In April 2017, Jessica started two-timing Delgany. With Kinsealy! Read all about it here.

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