Enniskerry’s 21 Bends Gets Safety Upgrade

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Enniskerry’s 21 Bends Gets Safety Upgrade

Latest press release from John Brady TD, issued on Monday, August 12th 2019…

Wicklow Sinn Féin representatives John Brady TD and Cllr Dermot O’Brien have welcomed the decison by Wicklow County Council to carry out critically important road safety works along the stretch of road between Bray and Enniskerry known as the 21 Bends.

Sinn Féin TD John Brady said, “For a number of years now I have been working with the council to try getting improvement works carried out on the R117 road between Bray and Enniskerry. The stretch of road know as the 21 Bends is a very dangerous stretch of road with many crashes, in 2004 two people tragically lost their lives in an accident on it. The council intended on carrying out essential work on the final 400m section at the Bray end of the road. The camber of the road will be changed making it safer to drive along; higher curbs along with a new footpath will also be constructed. New higher safety barriers will also be installed.”

Brady continued, “In the past as a member of the local authority I brought forward a number of motions calling on the council to carry out these important works and as a TD I’ve continued to engage the council with a view of getting the work done. A number of years back the council carried out major work along the 21 Bends, however the last 400m was never addressed, in my view this was the most dangerous section. So this is good news for all that use the Enniskerry road and I welcome the confirmation from the council that the work on the final 400m will finally take place.”

Cllr Dermot ‘Daisy’ O’Brien said, “Anyone that knows the 21 Bends knows how dangerous the road is along there. Accidents happen along it on a regular basis and the crash barrier constantly has to be repaired. This work once complete will make it safer for everyone.

“The work is planned to commence over the next couple of months.”

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  1. David Macdougald says:

    Always knew it as the 12 bends when I lived in Enniskerry area, they must have added another 9 bends in the last 50 years!

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