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The Catholic Church in Greystones

Unearthed by eagle-eyed GG reader Tim O’Brien, the Parish of Holy Rosary and St. Kilian’s Centenary magazine gave a fascinating historical perspective on the Catholic Church in Greystones back in its 2008 edition.

And, along with some restored archive pics, we’ve managed to reproduce the relevant pages for you below.

Did you know, for example, that until January 1908, Greystones was attached to the Bray Parish, and that just 17 years earlier, out of a population of 500 in our town, only four of them were Catholic?

And they were only allowed stay for when no foxes could be found for the Sunday hunt.

Lord bless us and save us, if only those 496 Protestants could see Greystones now. It would be enough to have them running to the hills. To build humongous, high-walled mansions overlooking the town.

The population of Greystones in the 1800s was far from booming, with just 20 houses and 93 inhabitants in 1850 leaping to 55 houses and 238 people in 1861. Then again, there were few roads, and no trains. So, the chances of meeting someone who wasn’t a blood relative were even harder then than they are now.

Thanks again to Tim O’Brien for spotting this. The link to the complete PDF download is below, as well as those restored Holy Rosary archive pics…

Greystones Catholic Church History 2 Greystones Catholic Church History 3 Greystones Catholic Church History 4

Gimme Shelter… Pic: Luke McGuinness

Holy Rosary viewed from over there…

That proud spire – taken from Bows Lane

Holy Rosary spire in all its glory

Holy Rosary spire’s removed due to constant leaks

Holy Rosary under construction. Pic: Ned Earle

Ann & Jim Hayden’s wedding in Holy Rosary August 1957

Inside the Holy Rosary – Jim & Ann’s wedding

Holy Rosary 1950s Postcard.

Holy Rosary Church Choir Monday May 14th 1928

View from Holy Rosary spire. Source Derek Paine

Let the sun shine in…

You can find the rest of the 2008 Greystones Parish magazine right here. You can also check out the annual Blessing Of The Schoolbags here, and Greystones’ other churches here.