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The internet is, of course, our brave new world, and one that has spread to pretty much every home like, well, a virus.

The incredible power the internet gives the individual is only eclipsed by the power it can have over the masses, from simple character assassinations to swinging national elections.

For the average Joe and Joanna Sixpack, the internet offers them the chance to be Dean Martin online when they might be that little bit closer to Jerry Lewis offline. Indeed, if the wild and crazy bravado of Hysterical Greystones is to believed, there are about 3,746 Tyler Durdens currently strutting around our town.

As with every great technological leap, the internet has much to offer too, this great democracy of unfiltered information and uncensored opinion constantly bringing the world closer together. Heck, you could live in the wilds of Tasmania, and still keep up with Fair City.

When it comes to putting your business online, the lazy option seems to be relentlessly throwing your posts at a social media wall in the vain hope that some of it will stick. The irony being, the more you throw, the less likely you are to connect with those who might need you, Most people turn a blind eye – and click the unfollow option – to anyone who has taken the spam route.

There are smart ways to work online, and to reach those people who will be happy to hear from you, and that’s where the lovely Muireann Fitzmaurice comes in. Having worked for such big guns as Intel, Unilever and C&C, and spending a few years as an International Commodity Trader, when Muireann set up MarketingCoach.ie in 2011, all those years of valuable experience had thought her that the personal touch is the key ingredient when it comes to reaching people online.

The big turning point for Muireann was July 25th, 2011, the day she both received her redundancy and married the love of her life, Hugh. Having moved to Greystones ten years ago, today, the happy couple, along with their young daughter, Sarah, and spoilt pooch, Ruby, are living what Muireann describes with a smile as “the good life”. A good life that includes winning Wicklow Business Woman Of The Year, in recognition of the groundbreaking online marketing toolkit.

Stripping away all the unnecessary stress by recognising what’s important in life, it’s an approach Muireann brings to her award-winning market coaching too.

You can find out more about discovering the right marketing campaign for you right here. In the meantime, we caught up with Muireann down on Theatre Lane to try and rob some of her smart ideas for GG’s world domination plans…

You can find out more about MarketingCoach.ie right here, or get in contact directly by emailing muireann@marketingcoach.ie or calling 0868932768. Also, come March 2019, Muireann was crowned a Thought Leader In Marketing Strategy at the All Star Business Accreditation bash. Boom!

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