Fishing Vessel Removed From Greystones Harbour

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June 16, 2019
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June 14, 2019
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Fishing Vessel Removed From Greystones Harbour

Following May’s legal letters from harbour master Bernard Gallagher demanding he cease and desist using Greystones harbour, Ivan Toole discovered this morning that a co-worker’s fishing vessel had been confiscated.

The exact details, and reasons, behind the disappearance of the Orca have yet to be determined.

In the meantime, Ivan posted on social media this morning what he believes has happened…

This morning the crew and skipper of Orca arrived to go fishing after a rough few days to find Bernard Gallagher had stolen their boat from a public harbour wall and took possession of the workplace. Needless to say, with a little help, we took our property back.
This has escalated the situation 10-fold. When we’re hopefully all ashore and safe this evening we will update on the situation.

The Shioboshi has quite definitely hit the fan now. The next move may very well be a decisive one. And with gardaí present.

You can check out the May 11th fishermen’s protest in Greystones harbour here.


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  1. Jimmy says:

    I told citizens that t nothing would change after the local and Euro elections, the gombeen councillors will do what their masters tell them and protect the status quo, the rights of fishermen are second to the yacht jmp up brigade’s

  2. andrew says:

    This has escalated to now being an urgent issue so where the hell are the recently elected councillors on this?