April 8, 2021
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April 6, 2021
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Footpath To Kindlestown Woods Approved

hen young Derek Mitchell says Bellevue Hills’ new footpath will be ‘from the new houses’, we’re guessing he means the mildly disputed Carmelite development.

Which is on its way for a Judicial Review right about now.

Still, a footpath up to Kindlestown Woods certainly won’t go amiss, given that hiking up to this local beauty spot is often interrupted by the odd jump into the hedge.

Here’s Cllr Mitchell’s official press release, issued on Tuesday, April 6th 2021…

In Delgany the Council intends to provide a footpath on Bellvue Hill from the new houses up to the pedestrian gate into the Woods and also to improve the footpaths on the R762 in the village centre. I have been urging this for years as the roads are narrow and busy and we need to encourage walking.

€50k has also been allocated by the NTA to improve cycle/pedestrian facilities on the Bray/Greystones Road which are lacking on the South side.

€800,000 has been allocated for drainage & improving the very poor road surface on Kilquade Road, Ballyronan Road, Sea Road Kilcoole, Bellevue Hill & Sea Road Newcastle.

Just before we went to print, the bould Derek got back to us. Yep, the footpath is from the Carmelite and Gorteen developments up to Kindlestown Woods.

Wicklow County Council will be providing the rest of the new footpath down to Delgany, In 2035. Or thereabouts.