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July 29, 2020
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July 30, 2020

When your mother is heading towards her 88th birthday, has to use a walker and has started a battle with Alzheimer’s, her safety would be one of your first concerns.

And a big part of that safety would be making sure that she’s easily accessible for an ambulance, should the need ever arrive.

For Linda Murphy, visiting her mum in the old family home up on Jinx Hill is a daily routine. Only trouble is, with a new footpath installation now nearing completion – a little after its June 24th completion deadline – its design may just have a few unfortunate flaws.

Firstly, driveways on the high kerb edging were included for those houses with driveways. For Linda, that means the car access that was once in front of her mother’s small-gated house has gone.

Secondly, the parking space that was situated between the old path and her mother’s front gate is now due to be dug up to make way for a grass verge. Meaning, Linda’s parking space will also be gone.

It’s the same for the house beside her mum’s, and the sudden loss of those parking spaces, along with no direct access to either of these properties, makes it a tad difficult for visitors to either house to bring their vehicle with them. Which can be a pain, especially if you’re driving.

For now, these works are on hold until engineer Ruairi O’Hanlon gets back from his holiers. In the meantime, we spoke with Linda and friends to find out more… 

Maybe WCC should just get a new drawing board…?

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  1. Paul says:

    From Kathleen Kelleher…

    Jinx Hill Footpath

    As you go left down the hill from the new bicycle shop, the footpath narrows considerably.
    At one point, it won’t even take the width of a buggy. Not usable and not safe at all.
    To proceed, one would have to go out onto the road itself or cross over and use footpath on the other side.

    The kerbs are very high indeed, so there will be no half parking on the footpath.
    The kerbs on the downside of Jinx Hill were high even before the revamp.
    Going down the hill last year, I bounced lightly against the kerb and burst two tyres.
    Left front and left rear tyres.
    And I am not a fast driver !!