Fortune Favours The Emergency Board Meeting

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April 19, 2020
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August 1, 2020

Latest press release from Cllr Tom Fortune, issued on Friday, July 31st 2020…

I was reflecting earlier this evening on the school situation in both Greystones and Kilcoole.

It is so ridiculous that it has been on my mind all evening, trying to rationalise what the department is doing to so many families. We cannot accept this situation. I apologise for sending a mail at this hour, I assure you that I am not losing it.

So: I am saying we must have an emergency board meeting of KWETB urgently to deal with this situation. The relevant person from the department needs to be there, for example, the person who deals with school development contracts and other relevant people. We should invite the Wicklow TDs and Senator. I am not suggesting this lightly, it simply has to happen.

At this meeting we need to immediately have a solution to:

The opening of national and secondary schools in Greystones for September, there has been various press release’s in the last few days. They are in the public domain, they can be read on the Greystones guide and other media. The contractor is saying that the school is ready, the department are saying something else, and I sense we are getting mixed messages, certainly the parents are. This cannot be allowed to continue. Our local TDs are really not helping with their approach, some just want to play games with the government, others write letters and some are saying very little. Really they should all be working together and we must request them to do this immediately.

The extension to Colaiste Croabh Abhann in Kilcoole. This is beyond urgent and got plenty of attention prior to the general election but has sense gone into a black hole. This must also be dealt with now. This school is bursting at the seams , and puts unnecessary extra pressure on the whole school community and also has health and safety concerns. As an organisation we cannot tolerate this continuing. Really the previous board of the KWETB should have ensured that this important project was completed.

I look forward to a quick response.