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Free Mooch For A Month!

With our marathon 100 Days 100 Greystonians now done and dusted for 2020, we thought we could fill that daily kick by reminding us all of the many wicked wonders this town has to offer.

So, following up on our Love Thy Neighbour gallery in July, each day, we’re going to post a pic of a groovy Greystones grocer, groomer, growler and gurrier.

And where better to start than at the top of the town, and the magnificent, mouth-watering, mesmerising Mooch?

Founded in 2011, over in deepest, darkest Blanchardstown, this frozen yogurt freakout came to Greystones in June 2017. And it proved to be an instant success.

Given that we’re a town that loves a treat. Or two.

And to mark the launch of our Love Thy Neighbour series, Suzanne has very kindly offered up a doozy of a prize – free Mooch for a whole month!

We’re talking not one but two small froyos every single day – so you can bring along a friend.

And the beautiful thing about froyos is that, despite the fact that they’re frickin’ delicious, they’re actually very healthy too, frozen yogurt being packed full of probiotics and also fat free, gluten free and therefore, pretty much guilt free.

Some might say,” quips the bould Suzanne, “we are the healthier alternative to ice cream.”

This incredible giveaway is, at heart, a big THANK YOU from Mooch to “all the amazing people who have been supporting us, and all the other Greystones businesses” during these difficult times.

And all you have to do to win is tell us – in the comments below – who you would like to bring along for those daily free froyos, and why. Oh, and we have a winner – Julie Faulkner! Lucky feck. 


  1. Toni Warnock says:

    My youngest who will be starting secondary school hopefully soon. We will miss the free afternoon time we used to spend together when he was in primary. This will help us have a little time together after school

  2. Rachel says:

    My daughter, we walk down most weeks anyway with the dog. We both love it so much.

  3. Roxanne says:

    I’d bring my partner Anthony. We’re there once a week anyway, so would love a good treat! I’m a sucker for the vegan chocolate.

  4. Cliona McGloughlin says:

    I’d bring my teenage son, an excuse to get him out in public with me

  5. Duh, I’d bring both my kids and make them Watch. Me. Eat. Every. Spoonful.
    … And not share a thing

  6. Nuala James says:

    My dog Opie, we both love strawberry.

  7. Ciara says:

    My boy and his best buddy

  8. Zoe says:

    My daughter Emily cause it would save me a fortune!

  9. Caroline Hunt says:

    Because I never tasted it, how sad that is

  10. Rob says:

    Ooh, my little people would love this…

  11. Sarah says:

    My bestfriend, a mooch fanatic!!

  12. Sean says:

    My two daughters would benefit most from this!

  13. aisling says:

    Toss up between my work wife and my soon to hopefully be husband niall best prize ever!

    • Tracy says:

      Mooch is our Absolute Favourite treat! The day Mooch reopened after lockdown was THE perfect day! My 2 daughters would be ecstatic to win this prize Thank you!

  14. Julie Faulkner says:

    My work wife Aisling! This would be the dream for September with us going back to work in a primary school! Help us deal with the stress, uncertainty and anxiety!

    • Angela o reilly says:

      Id bring my son as we bought love to go for long walks with our little dog then treat ourselfs to something nice and we love mooch

  15. Deirdre Mallin says:

    I’d bring my husband, Ciarán. He deserves this and more! Fab prize. ❤️

  16. Leah Herman says:

    My school pals.

  17. Jill Carnegie says:

    The kids….definitely!

  18. Noreen breen says:

    Would love this for my mum, she’d love it 🙂

  19. Noreen breen says:

    My mum would love this, would love it for her 🙂

    • Vicky says:

      Id treat my gorgeous little daughter who starts junior infants in september for being best helper during lockdown!!! & our Daddy. Occasionally 🙂

  20. Georgina Lawless says:

    Id love this I’d bring the husband

  21. Paul says:

    And our competition is open…