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November 12, 2016
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November 27, 2016

I’d swear that Ross McParland down at Theatre Lane has some kind of pact going on with the weather gods…

halloween-starts-here-theatre-lane-2The sun shone, the treats flowed, and the kids did beam this afternoon, as the first of a series of Halloween parties around the town kicked off.

The mighty, mighty Bogdan was there, with his incredible pumpkin carvings, with the money raised from a silent auction on his Halloween creations going to the Greystones Players. The beautiful and equally talented Mary-Kate Hardy was there too, painting all those smiley, happy kids’ faces into witches, robots, cats and other assorted inner demons.
As the Halloween hits pumped out, the tickets for next Friday’s outdoor screening of The Shining at The La Touche Hotel were handed out too.
And this being Greystones, there were, of course, a handful of no-shows. I look forward to the excuses pouring in from about 8pm this evening. ‘Oh, I thought when it said this Saturday afternoon between noon and 4pm, it meant this Monday evening, between 6.30pm and 1am.’ ‘Sorry I couldn’t make it this afternoon – the dog ate my computer.’ ‘I’m actually a secret double-agent working for CIE and MFI, and I had to deliver a sofa-bed to Tallaght this afternoon, by bus.’
We’ll be in touch with said eejits, but even the merest hint of difficulty or uncertainty, and they’ll be blacklisted. For life. Same with the halfwit today who moaned about having to pay a fiver. For an outdoor screening. Of The Shining. At The La Touche Hotel. At Halloween. With free popcorn, spot prizes and other assorted goodies.

Still, the rest of us had a Halloween ball today – so, soak up the sweetness, the scary monsters, and all the smart, sunny, fun-lovin’ Greystonians who know a good time when they find it…


Check out our full gallery of ghouls right here.

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  1. Aideen Walton says:

    Well done, Paul. Fab photos and video!