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The numbers will hardly come as a surprise, but, Google has just released data on where, when and how we’ve been moving about our neighbourhoods.

And when it comes to Wicklow the global technology giant has noted, through our smart phones, that, hey, we’re going out a lot less than we used to.

Bejiggers, wonder what the heck that’s all about.

Turns out Wicklow’s retail and recreation hot spots – such as restaurants, theatres, cinemas, etc – have seen an 89% fall in visits.

When it comes to our parks and public spaces, the drop has been 79%, whilst our workplace has seen a fall of 53% and our train and bus stations a mighty 76%.

When it comes to the bare necessities of life, the fall isn’t quite so dramatic, with supermarkets and pharmacies seeing just a 40% drop in footfall.

When it comes to our homes, and the space just outside our door, those numbers are up 27%

The latest restrictions – including the effective closing of many parks and public spaceswill have no doubt pushed those figures even further. Google have said they will continue to release this information, as they feel the data will help in the combat against the spread of Covid-19.

So, careful how you go, and where. Somebody’s most definitely watching you.

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  1. Sean says:

    “Google is watching us”
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