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May 13, 2020
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March 31, 2020
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Gotta Keep Yourself Connected

Right now, as we all set out on a mission to explore inner space for the coming weeks, having a portal into the worldwide web is pretty darn crucial for many.

And should your link to that great big fun house suddenly start acting the maggot, well, you might just have an emergency on your hands.

Which is where the groovy Jody Connaughton at Greystones Computer Repairs comes in, ready to help keep you connected in these difficult times

Based in Rathdown Park, Jody is now offering remote support for any issues you may have with your PC or Mac, taking in repairs while, of course, observing current Covid-19 restrictions.

Just get in touch with the man himself on 0872584144, or email cti@eircom.net. You can also check out Greystones Computer Repairs’ Facebook page right here.