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April 3, 2021
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April 4, 2021
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Grabbing Bullford By The Horns

here were fears tonight in Kilcoole that a notoriously difficult family were being moved into the town.

The location, a recently-vacated Bullford Crescent house, the family…

Well, it’s perhaps unfair to say their name, but, suffice to say, they were run out of Bray, and forcibly rejected by Farrankelly Close in August 2018, causing a scare in Kindlestown Park the day after. Their temporary move into Delgany proved to be akin to moving a fox into a henhouse

And now, Kilcoole’s social media is alight tonight with speculation that this criminal family are about to be moved into their area, undercover of darkness.

A post on the Kilcoole Community Page reads, ‘A not so nice family have been housed in Bullford; they haven’t moved in yet but are supposed to be over the next few days. We don’t need these people or their trouble. Tom Fortune, as our local councillor, you need to protect our residents. We voted you in as a local contact. What is to be done about this?

By the following morning, councillor Tom Fortune got in touch with Wicklow County Council and was assured that the family in question weren’t moving to Bullford Crescent.  Replying to local residents, Fortune stated that ‘WCC agreed not to put problem tenants into Farrankelly, so they need to treat Kilcoole with the same respect‘.

As is so very often the case, bad news travel fast – even when it’s not true…