Need A Hand With Your Computer World?

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February 11, 2019
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March 6, 2019

Having a little trouble with your beloved little device, your trusty laptop sidekick or your kick-ass home computer…?

Well, fear not, for help is at hand, in the shape of the ever-reliable Jody Connaughton and his CTI empire.

Here’s de lowdown…

CTI stands for Computers, Telephones & Internet. We are a local company that have nearly forty years of experience in all aspects of the above. 

CTI is a local company who can solve most if not all your technology issues wether they are in your business or home. We pride ourselves in having nearly fourty years experience in the technology field and draw from that experience when resolving the issues that may be driving you crazy. So the next time you have something that just won’t work, give us a call and we will come and give you a fair assessment of what the issue is and what it will cost to rectify. We believe that a job done well at a fair price is one of the best forms of advertising. Give us a call today and have your equipment fixed quickly. 

Oh, and if you’ve got a dead computer, bring it here.

You can call CTI Services on 0872584144, or email Jody on Facebook page right here.